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100 Reps

Response: Start new industry from scratch

Personal response to Alex Hermozi's encouragement:


Ultimate goal: Earn enough cred to be worth chatting to (3-5 years)

Hello Mr Hermozi,
I am a software dev with no knowledge of cybersecurity.
I hope you don't mind me using you and as the focus of my pursuit.
I want to change my life and starting afresh.

Ultimately, I'd like to run a business that helps protect from cybersecurity threats.
At present, I have no tangible/marketable skills in this area, but I have 2 hours/night while the kids are sleeping to create "a new me".
This is my journal to showcase the reps I put in to become "undeniable".
I've dabbled with a few things on the topic to make sure that this is the path I'd like to take.
I'm counting this as Day 0.
I hope to meet you and your team in 3-5 years.

Keeping this blog default and shitty so I don't get distracted and maximise the time with the reps.
Wow you with the work. Not the design.

First milestones: Learn and Do

I can't sell what I don't have.

Milestone 1: Start doing reps solo. (Read books, practice skills, log progress)
Milestone 2: Find an activity in cybersecurity that 1. I can do repeatedly 2. I can enjoy doing long term.
Milestone 3: Find people I can help out with this one single task.
Milestone 4: Do reps of complementary skills.
Milestone 5: Develop routine of reps.

Current Snapshot

No skills in cybersecurity. New field.
Background: Experience in software engineering.
Limitations: Keep job to pay bills.


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